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Official Launch & Follower Event

time: 2017-05-16 05:33
Dear Fighters,

KOF 98 UM OL (Android version) has officially launched now! Come battle in the world of KOF, recruit your own team, create the ultimate formation, and fight against players from all over the world!

==Fan Page Follower Event==
Event Time: 2017 May 16, 05:30am - 2017 May 24, 05:30am (GMT-4)
In order to gather all dedicated fighters and build up the community, we are now running a Fan Page follower event. Accumulate a certain number of new followers and everyone will receive the below in-game rewards!
200: Gold*10000, EXP Cola(S)*5
500: Gold*30000, SP Potion (S)*3
1000: Gold*50000, Diamonds*100, Enhance Potion*10
3000: Gold*50000, Equipment Key Chest*5, Gem Chest*10
5000: Gold*100000, Diamonds*100, Bar Diamond Draw Coupon*3
10000: Gold*100000, Diamonds*200, 13 Aptitude Fighter Fragment Chest*10, Power Fragment Chest*10
Go invite your friends now, follow our page and get tons of rewards!

KOF Team

Note: Please note that there is some issue with the chat function in which you can't use the backspace function for now. To delete what you typed, please use "select" and "Cut". This will be fixed with next update, thanks!

==Official Pages==
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kof98umol
Official Website: http://98kof-us.game-bean.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOF98UMOL_EN
Customer service: feedback.kof98@game-bean.com