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time: 2017-06-08 05:17

As a few players have been asking for a tutorial to this game, here are some tactics that I have thought of


Aptitude and classification is basically the same thing, just a different way of presenting the same factor, which is the fighter basic stat progression.

  • Aptitude range from 12 ~ 14

  • Classification range from N ~ UR

Aptitude 14/classification UR is the best fighters. It is best to save up some resources and invest it in the higher aptitude fighters, which you are more likely to use in the long run than to invest in low aptitude fighters that may not be useful in the late stage, though if you can get higher ranking in various game plays, you will also get better rewards that can help you power up your fighters.



Combos increase the damage multiple of your fighters in battle, with up to 2x DMG for the last fighter in your lineup. You can switch to different combo animation by tapping on pause during a fight. I find the “Dazzling Light Bar” to be easiest in getting “Perfect” combos, but see which one you like best.



You only need to recruit the fighters to activate the Fate; you don't need to have them deployed.


Fighter Types

TANK – High HP & DEF, place in front row, good for taking DMG

GANK – Support fighter that typically can assist own team or weaken your opponents

DPS – High DMG dealer, take down your enemies quickly and prevent them from doing more DMG to you



Some of these are useful, some not as much; tailor it to your formation. Only use FightSoul Essence and other 1 time event items to upgrade this, do not use fighter fragment, EXP Cola, Scrolls to upgrade, it's not worth it!

For example, if you max out the Wild Bear Soul on Iori, he can use his ULT at the beginning of a battle, complement this with a high priority, and you can kill one of your opponents with the first hit, making it a 6v5 match!

For Kensou, if you raise his Tortoise Soul level high enough, he can essentially use his ULT every other round, making him an almost invincible fighter in 1v1 fights.



You can claim up to 60SP from friends every day, so don't forget to add some friends after you have unlocked this feature



Front Row – Increases this row fighter HP and DEF related stats (Use TANK or GANK fighters)

Rear Row – Increases this row fighter ATK and DMG related stats (Use DPS or GANK fighters)

Combo – note that the last few fighters get a combo DMG bonus, so you want your hardest hitters to do the final hit, to deal the most damage and also get back more rage

Tactics – most people may place their highest damage dealers in the rear row, so if you have a few fighters with strong ULT that can deal high DMG to the rear enemies, you can defeat all the high DMG dealers first, significantly decreasing your opponent's offense power.



The higher your priority, the higher the chance your team will attack first in PVP fights, so feed your fighters more food to increase your team's favorability, which increases your team Priority



This is a tricky area that you can really play around. There will be a few key sections:

  • Killing Rage – the fighter gets back a rage bonus upon dealing the killing hit to an enemy. So sometimes you can purposely do a bad combo to leave the killing hit to a certain fighter in order to max out their rage for the ULT next round.

  • Defense – all fighters gain a little rage when receiving attacks, while some fighters have FightSouls that can increase this rage by even more. So take note that if your fighter ULT can deal damage to all enemies, it means that they will all gain rage, increasing the chance that many of their fighters can use ULT the next round. So make sure to use it carefully, or 6 ULTs can decimate your team!

  • Offense – all fighters gain a little rage when dealing attacks. Following on the tip above about area damage ULT, if you have already taken down a sizeable portion of your enemy HP, you can use the are DMG ULT to finish off the low HP enemies, and maybe even gain back enough rage to use ULT again the next round!


Talent Points

Upgrade your talent points accordingly to enhance a certain type of fighters, are you more offensive based or defensive based, do you use a lot of GANK fighters to control your opponents?



Upgrade costs increase at an increasing rate, which means 1 upgrade for a high quality fighter/equipment may costs twice as much as 1 upgrade for a lower quality/equipment. However note that the stats also increase more for the higher level upgrades. My suggestion is to have at least 1-2 strong fighters that you take priority when upgrading, then 4 fighters with second priority, so that you have a strong lineup of 6 fighters. 4-6, just upgrade if you have extra resources, for game plays where you need to 10+ fighters, such as the KOF Tournament, Club battles etc.



You might be thinking of course high VIP players are stronger, because they have more diamonds to buy more resources. That is true, but there are also other advantages to getting VIP status, even if just a small one, and some of these effects are permanent.

  1. With VIP 2, you only need to top-up 300 Diamonds to activate "Benefit", and gives you 100 Diamonds everyday for 30 days, 3000 Diamonds! Top up 1000 Diamonds to V4 and get 200 Diamonds everyday for 30 days, 6000 Diamonds! (Note, benefit and supreme benefit can be reactivated again after it runs out by recharging the amount)

  2. With VIP 3, you can buy SP 5 times per day, that's potentially 360 SP than a V0 status, and when there is a double SP event, you can potentially get 720 SP more than a V0 status in 1 day!

  3. With V11, you can spend 3380 Diamonds to buy a gift pack that gives you back 8880 Diamonds, a gain of 5500 Diamonds!


Different Gameplays

KOF Tournament

Each player can deploy a maximum of 10 fighters, each fighting in 1v1 battles against random opponents. So remember to train more than just the 6 fighters deployed, sometimes these can help you progress to the next round.


  • Priority is key in pvp fights, if you attack first, you may be able to use your ULT before your enemy does, of which some effects can turn the tide for you. So feed more food to your fighters in the Hall of Fame.

  • Each fight lasts 10 rounds, if neither side is defeated within this time, the side with the higher remaining HP proportion wins. So consider getting some HP regeneration fighters.

  • V6 and above register automatically! So even if you can't manually register in time, you can still participate!


  • If you think you can progress to the semi-finals or finals, your opponents will only get stronger, so don't use all your strongest fighters in the quarter-finals, save some for later.

Club Battle
There are 6 sessions to the Club battle (Male, Female, DPS, TANK, GANK, Final), so you will need to power-up more than just your main 6 fighters in order to score some points here.
- Place all your Fighters on the same row, because it's random attacks, this disperses the DMG dealt
- Put all the strongest fighters on 1 team, if you have 1 weak fighter on your team and it gets defeated early on, it will become a 3v2 fight and you will be at a disadvantage
- Include some heal fighters, since your fighters don't recover HP going into the next battle, heal is essential for your fighters to progress to the